It’s Me!

A beautiful baby girl took her first breathe in the midnight of 25th December. A meaningful name was given to her. Tarida Devi Mayangsari then become a sparkling cute angel for the whole family. Because of her mother was still studying in a college, she was treated by grandparents who adore her very much. Day by day, she growth with strong character. Independent, perfectionist, and brave dominate her character.

After graduating from senior high school, she was accepted in Visual Communication Design Program of Faculty of Letters and Fine Arts Sebelas Maret University. Nevertheless, she was more interested in improving her English skills so she joined English Diploma Program in the same university. The decision was God’s plan. There, she met her soul mate..her true love..her lost pieces. Three years gone by and she got her diploma. Taking the next level with her lover brought different spirit in studying. Together, supporting each other, coloring every second with dreams.

Six years and nine months is enough to know each other. As in other relationships, the days were not always as bright as rainbow. Dark clouds sometimes covered them. It was not a simple thing. They tried so hard to be in harmony. By accepting just the way they are, keep and build the dreams together and keep the commitment are the main keys to build a harmony.

The vow was uttered in the end of 2008. A long waiting was over and the real journey was begun. They’re tied in a holy bond. No one, nothing but God can separate them. Now, they are waiting for a little angel..a miracle of life..the soul that will complete their life.

Best regards,